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That emotion can always be reversed ,

He mocked at her

He: You are trying to find a word

That cannot be reversed

To describe a feeling

that is notoriously reversible

Palindrome for love?

Grow up…

Move on….

Ageless love?

She: Of course, Abelard and Heloise.

Heloise actually said

“Let me be your whore”

and he married her….


He: They lived in letters

They loved in letters

Was that love or fantasy?


Their tombs were united

By Miss Bonaparte much later

Professor Higgins is real.

Ego is evidence.


She was furiously indignant

Not every man is

Professor Higgins of Pygmalion..

Bernard Shaw was merely writing a play

It is far from real.

The argument progressed


She: Penelope turned down 108 suitors

Till Odysseus  returned

He: Homer was blind

Another round of applause………




He had no light of his own
He merely reflected the Sun
shining in a foreign country
He was inconsistent , consistently
vanishing at fortnights
He caused no growth except dreams
He was not deferential to a monastery
Nor contemptuous of a whorehouse
Both were free to have dreams
Lovers merely used him for their
pick up lines
Many babies opened their stubborn mouths
to be fed by mothers wanting to
close the doors of a bustling kitchen
We all need an illusion to pass the night
He is the biggest illusion
to all the lonely sleepless eyes



I am not your Saturday night palsy

I am the pins and needles of your words

My curves are not like that wine bottle

Not fragile nor likely to cut or cause a bleed

Intoxicating may be

I remember the eyes like black coals about to catch fire

Spreading a warmth in winter nights

You cannot get over me like flu

Or  a bad case of  thrombophlebitis

I probably happened like the rare drug

That never expires…..

A life time placebo ….that does not cure

but pacifies……

( to flame catcher / a muse )



I always knew that we could speak like this , we could speak anywhere , a language that only two of us could understand. Or after sometime we could be convinced that only the other understood a language or any language. In an ocean we could make shells like oysters , patiently hoping that one day the other would find the pearls. Like a child lost in an unfamiliar house of a  distant relative , yet seems to know the staircase as a stair case , begins to climb not knowing where it would lead suddenly gets frightened. Does not know if language is better or silence…. I am there between language and silence…. All these pearls are yours. There are many categories of silences… this is the kind of silence patience has… inside the earth.. the silence after prayers…the silence of intimacy when I know you are near. It did take you too many light years to reach me….. you wanted tears ? Not words ?



I thought it was the child marriage that had to be eradicated

I thought the right to education of a girl child was at stake.

I thought it was the domestic violence that was a menace.

She was never really safe at home, but she did dream of a larger

World out there where she would be empowered …..

The man at the helm of affairs hated her …

That silent conspiracy among men when they hate a woman climbing a ladder

By her own efforts not because of a profitable chance association………

This time, the cost was her life for taking a salary and nothing else…………

(The true incident of a young girl Rasila Raju  , a soft ware employee of Infosys in Puna  murdered at the premises of her work place by a security  guard. Victim had reported sexual harassment at workplace to her family)