I did not speak

Tongue was motherless

Words were not in use

They were not given nor taken

Feelings were not classified

Nor advertised .

Sparks were meant to cook

To scare the wild on their prowl

They did not glare like the radium

Numbers of a new alarm clock

Skin of the dead tame beasts

Camels , deer or sheep for warmth

Nudity was neither a shame

Nor an invitation

Just an attitude

Paper was not money

Nor a love letter

It did not exist

Charcoals were not burning

The cave would not open

Memory was not lost , I was…..

It was all a fog

Stones did not speak at that age…….


Highway Hypnosis

I thought it was highway hypnosis , the way he answered every song that I hummed with another  in the car drive . He converted a musical monologue in to a dialogue. I was humming songs to forget death . He was reminding me to live , they were love songs. Why did I start singing lullabies ? Did I know he had not slept in years ? Or was I missing my mother , who got jealous when father listened to me ? He stopped the car at a motel , drank as his family felt disrepute and innocently small. He looked at all the wrong places and it was enlightening to know he did not judge lust . But he judged virtue to be a sham , he did not understand it…..we passed a temple of Lion man . I felt a flash of a struggle. He fought fathers. All his life , the reasonable , the unreasonable fathers in general  ….And all of a sudden I wanted my father like a little girl. I wanted to go home and  not to the green room.


What are hands ?

They are legs that stopped running

They are feet forgetting to kick or climb

They are feet sometimes

Tapping the cot in rhythm

They are hands with live skin

And absent  Achilles

They are clubs who grew flat

And arches curling inwards

Feet shrinking to the size

Of a heart

What are fingers ?

They are tongues with spine

And no saliva, but

They don’t speak in common

Dialect , they don’t use nails

They cling…..

Their rings stop tickles

They have become toes

Rigid , responding to gravity

To hold on , carry the burden

Of reluctance

What is mouth ?

A hole making noise

A well drowning prayers

To forbidden Gods

A flower with colored

petals , sucked again

By one male tongue.

A nose is a projection

of the face

Crushed to smell

Your scent

Neck is a hollow of a tree

Where some little bird

Nuzzles , softness of small

delicate feathers

Linger after the flight

Eyes are ponds with


Don’t look up or down

Only with in they

are not shy

always serious

They are’nt oasis

They don’t spill

or waste saline

water or pearls

Stagnant waters

Have the soot of kajal

A remnant of the darkness


To define a shape to

the wandering gaze

For you to know that

contours can be altered

They can write a butterfly

Script on your drumming chest

Head is just a chin

Swollen with injured pride

With tired wings called cheeks

They rarely fly

in to a smile

Below the neck all else

is more silent ,

They resist verbal translations

Not accessible to my tongue

Just soft warm ordinary body

parts of a woman

Nothing may surprise

Oh ….I can not comment on the response

Astrologers don’t predict

Transcendence nor selfishness

In such depth

Taking ?

Or giving ?

Eternal confusion of fusion

Imaginary confusion ……



Poetic Justice

I hurt you because

I did not heal

And I had the gall to see…..

I could not have  pressed  the

Benjamin button nor

go to the Year of the cat

turn back the time

And erase the Random Accessible Memory…

I could hug you over phone

you made that viral !

I  wrote a poem to let you recover

You used it as evidence  !

Sigh …or song none were spared……

All my strengths became vulnerabilities

I  felt no  lust for a man

For whom love was dispensable.

I frankly want to forget an affair

that never happened

Except in your head and

on my

white dry paper…..

I have served the sentence

For writing poetry.


Tonight I will sleep. I am tired of being asked “Did he do this?” Then, the same is done to me. He wants to undo the past. I want to disown my lips, hands, legs, thighs and all the body parts of a woman and get new untouched ones.  He came in; I heard the toilet flush… I heard him breathe next to me. He called my name, my eyes were shut. He tapped the cot with his toes. He sighed. He tossed. Finally I heard him sleep, regular breathing. This is probably how a prey holds her breath hiding in dishonest sleep.


you enter a room

I face the fact of your existence

Outside my head

All these years………..

In  pressed,

Clothes of your choice

Tied shoe laces

And in a space with

No reminders of me ………..

I protected my eyes

Deep inside their lids

Behind the crowd

Wind was free

Opening all those doors…….

You were so happy to be


Though you had no answers

Except for one poem

That was  never yours