You waged a war to destroy
1)few hopes
2)one little friendship
3)a semblance of reputation for good work
4)humble pride in a new shade of eye liner
A hesitant hair color
5)Tight hug from a growing body
adopted by a normal uterus
with out cysts or fibroid
You failed to convert
love in to disability.

After most wars someone has to
sweep the floors, diffuse the bombs,
bandage the fractures
donate blood
Someone takes original photos to win prizes
for capturing violence
More real than the boring slums
that already won the Oscar
It is always good to take the pictures
of crying children deserted beside
Red cross or behind yellow tape

Things wont pick themselves up
After wars small /big
I research on resilience, still claiming
that hopes will be reborn
Friendships will return
Children forgive easily in a power point
Awaiting your approval !
This can be an original joke

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