An Egypt That Does Not Exist

I want to say words that flame
as I say them but I keep quiet
and don’t try to make both
worlds fit in one mouthful

I keep secret to my self
an Egypt that does not exist
Is that good or bad ?
I don’t know

For years I gave away sexual love
with my eyes.
Now, I don’t .

I am not in any one place
I do not have a name for what I give away

Whatever Shamans give,
that you can have from me……

Translated by Coleman Barks

2 thoughts on “An Egypt That Does Not Exist

  1. life imitating art. reminds me of Arifa Rifaat’s ‘An Incident in the Ghobashi Household.’ like the metaphor and sarcasm in ‘For years I gave away sexual love/with my eyes,’ and loaded interpretational symbolisms in ‘Whatever Shamans give/that you can have from me …’. nice crisp yet loaded poem.


  2. You are very astute. Those lines you cited had a powerful impact on me. Taught me , what poetry can say . I have not read the work you quote, I will. Thank you .


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