Masked Man

As your face got closer I removed one mask after another yet another. Finally I began to cry. There was no face at all. There was nothing human. Everything was a trick , always. And always the joke was on me for searching……I gave up….then the wrath is on me for giving up…..You gave me nothing but tricks born to destructive intentions…A gamer who never got it right.

9 thoughts on “Masked Man

      1. And peeling Onion was not the apt analogy. Some people are jealous of any lofty emotion since they are devoid of it and believe only in deconstruction. They have nothing except reaction , that too a nasty one towards noble creative intentions. It is a shock when you see this. And realize that it is a colossal waste of time to invest in those who play mind games. This passage was about such people who play mind games to destroy relationships.
        I would never play a song out of anger , it sometimes softens an insight tough to digest otherwise for those who do not write or read poetry.


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