Monsoon had begun
Somewhere an ocean was
falling getting depressed
Wanting the sky to fill her
unfathomable depths
Wind was defiant , deafening
in his aggression to scatter
the gathering clouds
Banging on doors and shutters
Causing window panes to shudder
Every leaf to flutter
Cable wires and electric lines
became swings of birds
Wind was howling
However rough and unruly
The sun began to hide
Skirts were flying
Veils dropped
Umbrellas became kites
But masks wait to be wiped out
and flowers for their sprinkle
A mortal cloud breaks down
Wind is moist
I think of you
shouting first rain
of the year ,
it always pours
when I am angry….
That was years ago…..
Are you still angry ?
Do you miss me ?


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