I dislike a man being curious about me
with out caring for me
I dislike a man falling in love with me
by observing how I loved another man
I dislike a man hiding his attraction
claiming I was seeking his attention
I dislike a man intentionally
becoming relevant in my life
by organizing coincidences
In my realities that had to shrink
to exclude him
I dislike a man who made me his hobby
while he professionally solicited others
using my lines or what he learnt
by stalking or hacking me
I dislike a man who converted
all my strengths in to weaknesses
and carefully designed a plot
Hoping I would fall
It destroyed me ……that
I thought it was love
I thought it was fate
I thought it was the scent
of a previous incarnation
I thought it was some debt
I had forgotten to repay.
I was angry with my self
rather than with him…………

6 thoughts on “DISLIKE

  1. spoke about this “I dislike a man intentionally/becoming relevant in my life/by organizing coincidences,” in my advanced playwriting class this morning – and here you have it in your piece. nice coincidence. nice piece.


  2. It is upsetting. It is frustrating. It is sad.. that many women still fall for the trap, thinking it’s love, only to wake up to the truth later and we may even address our fury towards the man but we do blame ourselves. We are more angry with us but I think it’s because throughout the whole process, we were subconsciously brainwashed to think that’s all we deserve. It’s sad. Thank you for this wonderful piece of writing.

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