Not all of us find love

Some  wear that wedding

dress at the right time

with a wrong person

Sometimes truth dawns

before the baby & spell is gone

also the baby

At other times it continues

a half reconciled duty

for the babies

Some are happy with just a

merger of flesh , they find a

different one every now and then

They manage to have two beds

Two hearts ( Reluctant/ Absent one with the spouse)

‘Real one’ with the child / lover

Double book keeping like for income tax

‘Nostalgic one’ with an ex-sweetheart

‘Never happened one’ with the astrologer

Others  make do with the bar , cocktails

Many build empires

Few sit on the throne

Some cultivate lands

Evolve as dance teachers

Or foot ball coaches

Some of us write poetry


21 thoughts on “NOT ALL OF US FIND LOVE

  1. I was musing about kindred spirits last night with my youngest sister, and whether they are ever able to come together. It left me feeling a little hopeless and sad, I don’t want another muse, I want that feeling.
    A touching poem.

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