Losing me did not happen Overnight

I was dragged by my shapely legs

I was slashed to bleed a name

I was asked too many questions

I was suspected of every crime

I was envied for whatever I did

Finally I smashed that wall

And there you were suspecting me

to have all the disorders that your

grey cells remembered

I was angry enough to write a book

Where you betrayed me by your presence

And your absence

I made you exist in a safe place

Where you could do what I let you to do

Betray me, because I ordered…

Because you brought back my existence

It was so lonely to return

without loving you.

12 thoughts on “BETRAY ME AGAIN

  1. powerful poem. And I like very much your uncluttered writing style. Thanks for following my blog, I will return the favour as I think I will enjoy reading your work , Tony πŸ™‚


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