I am a jigsaw puzzle

Till you put me back together

I thought it would make me whole

It merely emphasized how many

Places I am broken

Each time you put misfit pieces

Of me together

I stood out like a sore thumb

From  my own hand.


5 thoughts on “JIGSAW PUZZLE

  1. nice brain teaser. there’s a reason puzzle pieces are perfectly painted pieces (of stillness) and the human puzzle pieces are dynamic. if the pieces being put in are misfits, yet they highlight flaws, i take the double negative to be a sign positive reconstruction. nice post.

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    1. Just an analogy for how what is silent can be misunderstood forever…Since a human being is not a passive participant, mistakes made in putting pieces that do not fit together, can give a clue as to how the other thinks….Thank you for your comment.
      Hopeful it may get figured out. Few do it cognitively use less number of moves, hence lesser mistakes. Lesser hurt….

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