” You can not shake hands with clenched fists – Indira Gandhi ”

Anger is stubborn like love or pride

Triggered by one word

Dissolves in tears or in

fist fight with walls

Deaf ears seldom hear

The silent rhythm of the calling hands

when they receive the rain by the darkened sky

filled with heavy clouds that have come together



moistening the earth , all her depressions and elevations

are fully  requited…….

16 thoughts on “CALLING HANDS

  1. i love this. it is always nice when you find that one person when the heavy clouds (hurts and frustrations) have come together whose presence moistens the earth (heart) requiting all your depressions (hurt) and elevations (hopes and belief in love and life). for this to happen, the ears must be open to understand the rhythms (the efforts, which at first seem like other efforts which had promised hope previously) of the calling hands. beautiful piece.

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