RUDALI LAUGHING- Inspired by a Clown

You empathise with a Rudali
A woman crying for the whole world
Unable to cry for her self
I am a woman laughing for the world
Unable to laugh for my self
Too wounded to laugh
Impotent to cry
I can cry for you, Cry out to you
So , will you be my world ?
I could do for you what I couldn’t
for the world
What I wouldn’t for my self
So , I wish you to be my world
Even if you choose to be the rest of the world
I respect your choice , I laugh at you…….
And cry for myself….
[ Rudalis are Β an Indian Β Hindu tribe of women hired as professional mourners to mourn at someone else’s death. Mourning is their profession }

16 thoughts on “RUDALI LAUGHING- Inspired by a Clown

    1. Just like professional dancers or jokers are hired to make people laugh in a banquet or marriage party , mourners are hired to cry in funerals….. It always made me wonder how socially constructed these emotions are….. more of a display .
      Well said , Strange are the ways of the world !

      Thank you for that meaningful remark. Gratitude

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  1. professional mourners are a common feature at burials in my part of the world. like clowns, i feel professional mourners are the loneliest people in the world. a nice tribute to those whose pain we never think about.

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  2. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you,
    When you cry , you cry alone.
    However in India , there are some who are hired , nice to know it is a practice in your country also.
    Human beings are so alike.
    It is a sad profession , I think how laughing can be therapeutic , crying can be depressing. … and truly no one thinks how lonely such a profession can be.

    Thank you for your sensitive reply.
    With excess mirror neurons some people can feel your pain and cry your tears , not faking it …. it is true companionship that anyone needs during grief. Not professional mourners.


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