” Most painful goodbyes are the ones never explained nor said to each other “

“I don’t want  to die by suicide” She wept. her daughter had committed suicide three years ago and later husband committed suicide. Neither left her a note , they were a happy family. Daughter could not cope with her exams and husband could not cope with office politics. Both had unidentified , untreated major depressive disorder. We spoke about “Guilt” of not knowing……. I spoke of guilt of the dead who did not speak …..after many weeks of speaking and resolving …….She carried a gift for me….. Two beautifully embroidered kerchiefs…..It was a gift for the weeping eyes , perhaps we had designed together …….

7 thoughts on “TWO KERCHIEFS

  1. i love the many readings that this poem contains. “We spoke about “Guilt” of not knowing … I spoke of guilt of the dead who did not speak,” and “she carried a gift for me … two beautifully embroidered kerchiefs … a gift for the weeping eyes … we had designed together.” therapist getting therapy. being there for each other. comforter getting comforted. you won’t go the same way now you know someone cares for you – someone knows your pain. two kerchiefs – for two pairs of eyes, two hearts, two lovers left without a word. i have no word …

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  2. Thank you. Losing someone suddenly to death totally unexpected causes hypertrophied or complicated grief. Thank you for areeing with the quote , lack of closure causes the complication.


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