Making memories from words
wiping tears with out using  hands
A scented eraser across
Pages of errors of others
Perfectly smooth with out a single
Erasure hole……
How could I guess
that in that bee hive of poems
wanting to sting faceless skin
I would find your honey ?
Sticky and sweet  in  your taste buds ….
Beautiful as you undressed
sensitive skin of wounds
Words flower anticipating your caress
 Evening  silence haunts the poem
That throbs in your presence
( Dedicated to flame thrower )

6 thoughts on “HAUNTING POEMS

  1. love “evening silence haunts the poem.” the response is incredible – “that throbs in your presence.” you will be hard pressed to find a better use of double entendres. the ‘poem’ (written/spoken words) morphs into the man (your presence) that in turn makes the heart of the lady throb. notice how ‘silence’ morphs into the woman (throbs). this man’s presence or thoughts has awakened the previously unspoken (feelings – silence) in the lady. “silence haunts the poem” can also be read in reverse – the man’s presence/words/thoughts constantly ‘visits’ the woman’s heart (silence) and has at last made an impression. just brilliant.

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  2. Poems break a silence soft , yet emphatic..
    Man’s absence haunts the poem……
    As pointed out by Tenacity , it is a romantic poem 🙂
    Shame has no meaning in the dictionary of love or so I think…..
    Thank you for making my poem more meaningful to me , by showing me the double entendre.


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