The wavering winter

Drops dry leaves to rustle

Cold wind is devoid of moisture

Lips dry over the wet tongue

The year crumbles without a face


Lovers  laugh at delayed fate and carve

On the bark of a living tree

It does not know the date


Should there be an arrow?

No more hurt this heart can not hate

Or names?

Whatever you call  as yours


The tree grows with concentric rings

There are poems in every turn or curve

They had drawn a complete heart

Using hand full of eyes.

21 thoughts on “COMPLETE HEART

  1. “they had drawn a complete heart/using a handful of eyes.” when you look into the eyes of someone who truly loves you, at your most vulnerable, you’ll know how a handful of eyes can draw a complete heart. who needs trees to document our love. brilliant poetry.


    1. Thank you , I was accused of writing only sad poetry . Once I was asked do you know the range of emotions available to human beings , why all your poems cry ? I am glad this one is loving and happy.
      Gratitude… beyond words.

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      1. really. shakespeare’s most famous/popular plays were tragedies: antony and cleopatra, coriolanus, king lear, hamlet, julius caesar, macbeth, othello, romeo and juliet, timon of athens and titus andronicus. lots of people either don’t know or can’t remember that even his comedies have moments of tragedy for those who lost lost out. life is a mixture of the sad and the happy – you need the sad moments to know how to enjoy and treasure the happy moments.

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  2. just one more thing i love about your poem – “they had drawn a complete heart/using a handful of eyes.” i love the fact that they used eyes rather than carving that wrong symbol of the heart on the poor tree. that symbol isn’t that of the heart, it is the representation of the silphium seed – a form of contraceptive in the roman period. it may have been unintentional but using that picture of a ‘heart’ on a tree mocks those who desecrate trees – those who don’t remember after carving it, where they left their ‘heart’. but more importantly, using that image in your post further underlines, for me, the beauty of your last two lines.


    1. I love your concern for the wounded tree , to whom the shape of my heart or your heart does not matter….. a sting is needed to preserve the environment in its natural form …
      If I have indirectly supported such violation , my sincere apologies.
      Next time I will illustrate it with hands that never do such crimes and benevolent eyes.

      Thanks for the correction.
      I stand corrected.

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      1. it’s good you have it – i only considered the positive effect of having it there, because it emphasizes the message of the poem – caring hands that hold and comfort you are better than those that mark. the way you have used the tree, for me, was symbolic of the human body that receives marks it doesn’t deserve.

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