“Language is alphabet in disorder -Gertrude stein” 

His eyes looked up from a well. Speech had an accent, he was trying to camouflage it with an Indian accent , I smiled at him  “It is okay to have any accent with a doctor , I am supposed to figure it out” …. He relaxed. He was born to Indian parents in the United States. He had decided to relocate to India in his seventh grade. Parents said the decision was his despite the inconvenience. Now , he could not pass the compulsory Kannada examination, he found the theoretical , marks driven Indian education system as foreign. He was lost and being an intelligent student was his proud identity in the United States. Here,he was an exotic misfit from States. As we spoke about life in general , I casually asked him why he chose to come here…..

He looked at me and sighed “Mom was lonely, she wanted to talk in Kannada , she liked this country , people …she was a misfit there. She braved it for me for 13 years ! I thought I could do the same for her , but this is not my country , I thought hers will be mine…..but it is not…I do not have specific learning disability , I can not master 8th grade language in few months….. even though it is my mother tongue , it is not mine”





  1. this is typical of most children who grow up abroad, especially if the parents don’t speak the same language. thanks for writing about a situation, that in future, may replicate the social and cultural aspects of the negritude movement.

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