She spent the day , reading recipe books. She had grown up reading books , this seemed easy. Cutting the vegetables was the longest step in the process.She cut them slowly all in to right uniform shapes. Several small cuts over her left hand as she cut with her right hand. Frying with ready made spices would not be tasty. She looked at the ingredients at the back of the ready made spices packet , writing them down. Then she  put them in multimix. She could not find the masher…. Mixie made a noise, it did not mix silently. She heated the sunflower oil , added the spices , and last she added the uniformly cut vegetables , there was an aroma of cooked food. Rice was made by the pressure cooker , … She heard the calling bell and ran to receive him with a smile , hoping for a comment about the delicious smell ….. she set the table and kept his plate, put everything that she had prepared ….. he saw it with disdain ….he tasted a spoon and yelled ….” Whoever calls this food? ” She watched unable to comprehend , how could her taste buds lie ? He went out , came home satiated.She went to bed hungry. Next morning he filtered her gravy , washed the already cooked vegetables , put his ready made spices. She was speechless. He said as he left the house ” I did not want to waste food just because it was cooked badly”

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