The rib I could have been in your body

If you cared to let me be a woman

Of my own making

May have prevented that pain

In your chest

Covering your heart

When you lost me

And returned to dust

From where you were made

7 thoughts on “EVE IN QUEST OF HER SELF

    1. Thank you for the comment , the cause of death is not mentioned. Adam was made from dust as per genesis and Eve from his rib. In this poem a man woman relationship , where there was no freedom to develop self , hence the woman is in quest to find her own self , which perhaps was not necessary , if man participated in her growth is mourned. Being a part of each other ought to be mutual, is the unsaid grouse. However there is no murder ! It merely is a hindsight at what genesis can do for these times.

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  1. 😉 Thanks , murders are also common now- a days , hence it becomes necessary to clarify the symbolism of murder as you did in your comment. However , here it is meant as real eventuality of life as going back to the soil.


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