Give me the phone at the traffic signal

Why don’t you skip the signals ?

I am not driving the ambulance , I am merely giving him the directions to reach the house. If I get stopped by traffic police I will be delayed further.

Oh… Mam , are you sure it is a heart attack ?

Yes. She said he was drenched in sweat and said it was an attack. I had explained her the symptoms , no crying wolf I had told her. He will be accurate.

Here , take the phone.

Yes, go to that medical shop and ask for Mr. S , he knows the house , he will take you.

Listen , if there is no ambulance when we reach the hospital , we have to drive to the house. So I will park here.

They are here , emergency ECG shows anterior wall infarct, total blockade. Mother’s hands shaking , I can not sign … I will sign… angioplasty .

30 minutes later  ….. he wants to see her.

Mom , your husband wants to see you …. Mom cries….

Mam , you never cried…

Why ? I was not going to let him go…. not now …. never ….First hour after attack is the golden hour….

Mom smiled. You would crawl as a baby holding his leg when he left for work . He had to avoid you… there was no other way of going…….

No way ….. I whispered…..

I can leave …. He can not.



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