RECONSTRUCTION – After abusive deconstruction.

No , that child is just another ordinary child with her mother , she is not playing at the drama of a gifted child …No….not all the inspirational quotes on these walls were designed specially for you ….. No… glass is a plain surface that reflects you , it can be broken and it can be used to slash your wrists , it can mean a ceiling beyond which you can not go , it can contain wine , it is not all of this at any given time , it is just one of these at this juncture. Wake up , mirror on the wall is not always about who is the fairest of them all. It is just a piece of reality that makes no claims. River reflects the moon but does not make the claim of being the one who contained the moon , it is simply a phenomenon. Transparency is often just a state of being … only then you are with truth. Thought is a story to explain perception, your eyes are not fooling you…. your mind is…..Stop building a story in your head about everything that you see… I know he devalued your thoughts , deconstructed your reality hence you are building an alternate reality. Nope.That is not the way … reality is your mother weeping there…. it is that father wanting to burn that man who stripped you of all your values , made you doubt the very process of thinking…… you are creating fantasy to escape that awful reality in which he made her say you were a dramatist, you are split…. no .. dear you broke….. I am gathering the pieces…. each piece has you. Each piece is beautiful. You will be whole again…. this is not drama…..

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