Penetrating my mind with out consent
Penetrating my body with out consent
Mind during the day
Body during the night
Dictionary lost many pages
Experience no longer needed words
Atlas showed the way out
I went out of my body
I also went out of my mind
He calls it love
I call it rape
I am searching for my self
in poetry.

21 thoughts on “DISSOCIATION

  1. They say there are victims and survivors but the mental pain seems to hang around. Is there really ever a way to turn the page on that? One becomes numb after a while they say but that doesn’t make sense because to be numb means to feel no pain.

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    1. To be numb is to feel no pleasure and no pain. It does happen. People can walk with a fractured leg, talk with a torn lip , do everything normally despite a physical injury if they are numb mentally. Raman Maharshi an Indian saint , did undergo a surgery by inducing dissociative anesthesia through yogic meditation.

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