You made mistakes , you never knew how to handle the situation at all, I did not know my own self nor my value. In that suffocating bed I had to create a song,even if it was in the springs of the cot or wooden legs. I had to find an imaginary companion, it could not be a stony God. I tried even that. I searched with in, there were songs I had to suppress, dances I could not dance, I had to tie up my legs. Drama was so real.It was not drama at all. Why was I not enough? I had this expanding concept of loneliness, so I searched for a twin. You made it so sexual. I had to reaffirm that it was a mind. You made it so physical , I had to say it was not a body just a soul. Now, you lost my soul. It is in my poem.


  1. Imagine owning a convenience store that is fully stocked with useful products at reasonable prices.
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    1. This had nothing to do with advertising.
      This was a personal impression of a situation , that no longer affects me.
      I am sorry , I did not understand the relevance of this reply , my bad.
      Thank you for reading and reacting.


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