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I thank Christopher Bland for nominating me. Here is the link to his blog

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Three things about myself : 

1. I am an avid reader of any thing written or printed in the languages I can read or write. Books are my friends.

2. I could pawn gold to buy books

3. I like men with dark  eyes.

Answers to the questions asked by Christopher Bland. 

1.What’s two favorite things you like to do?

Writing poetry  and Doing psychotherapy with survivors of trauma

2.If you were in a confrontation with someone would you try to talk it out or just fight?

I hate confrontations and usually avoid them as long as I can. And I prefer to make the other person see my perspective without confrontation/ talk / fight. I prefer to win over my opponent than talk or fight nor yield. When I fail to win over I quietly walk away accepting it as my defeat in negotiating. Because I think confrontations do not resolve the conflict .Confrontative approach  to any situation is the last resort of someone capable or intelligent.

3.If you could have two things in the whole world what would they be?

Perhaps I can not share it here , it makes me vulnerable in a public space. There are no material desires .

4.If there was a zombie apocalypse and you could start off with three things what would they be?

I would first warn the public without switching panic button. And get experts to tackle the zombies. Forewarned is forearmed.

5.What color do you love most ?


I nominate:


Link to my best blog

My five questions are

  1. If world would be destroyed in next 24 hours, how would you want to spend those hours ?
  2. If you loved some one , will you hate those whom your loved one hates ?
  3. Have you ever done something very foolish and later laughed at yourself ? Can you share it here ?
  4. What is the one skill you wish to learn or regret not learning ?
  5. Have you ever felt deeply connected to a living person , child, animal , or tree without language ? How strong is that bond without words ?



I thank Paul for this nomination.

You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes or for their fancy car but because they sing a song only you can hear - Oscar Wilde

We can not really know why we love some persons instantly and not others. It is like in an instrument , we vibrate to a frequency only the other can hear or see…. very few re capable of feeling or finding such love…….once found ….. it defies definition

I nominate

Blooming Lily

Writes Shefali

Mahesh Mali

Thank you Paul , for these thoughtful moments of each day…… !


I thank Paul for nominating me to this challenge. This is not a quote , perhaps , but it is a relevant concept in some contexts.

I work with  adult survivors of child abuse , suicide attempt , sexual assault , road traffic accidents , cancer , domestic violence , many different types of trauma. I find that most of them have learnt helplessness , they think anything they do is futile or of no consequence at all , hence stop doing anything . And often think themselves to be incompetent , they do not realize that they were not in control of the traumatic event , hence it is called trauma . They were forced into a situation that was not their choice. The loss of control was not voluntary .

Uncontrollable bad events – Perceived loss of self control – generalized helpless behavior

And they ought to normalize and realize that they survived and they can once again lay claim to their own lives and destinies.

Learned helplessness is a giving up syndrome , it is a quitting response , due to  failures and feeling that whatever you do does not matter – Arnold Schwarzenegger 

I nominate


diary of a celibate





I thank Paul for nominating me for 3 day quote challenge in a very gentle non intrusive manner , that was truly charming.

Thank you Paul , and I quite like your poems . Please visit his site for some unapologetic gentleman poetry 🙂

Love never dies a natural death .
It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source
It dies of blindness , errors and betrayals
It dies of illness and wounds
It dies of weariness , of witherings, of tarnishings -Anais Nin

I am quite fond of Anais Nin and her writings , we always think love is magic and when it ends it is tragic or often the fault of nature. Love is always fickle we cry , but I think Love has a logic and when it dies , it is because of all the above reasons. If there is no reciprocity , if there is no innate generosity , if  you are too subtle and misunderstood  and your love is never seen as love, if there are frequent betrayals, duplicity the other always thinks of his pleasure and you also think of his pleasure , finally you feel neglected or used , illness that is seen as weakness , wounds that are looked down upon as your faults, constant character assassinations, doubts causes weariness and withering……Finally in order to live you stop loving that person.

Love dies and you live ….poetry is born

I nominate


ickarus 1976

Gbolabo Adetunji




3 Day Quote Challenge -2nd Day

I thank Dheeraj Dave for his nomination. His site is My pain my property.

“The real hopeless victims of mental illnesses are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence , because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle nor suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does. They are normal in what may be called the absolute sense of the word. They are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people living with out fuss in a society to which if they were fully human beings , they ought not to be adjusted. —–ALDOUS HUXLEY ( BRAVE NEW WORLD) ”

I work in mental health and I feel the opposite of stigma, I feel positively biased towards  mentally ill since their illnesses are sometimes a protest against the abnormal society.

My nominations are

Yakshan 66




I thank my dear friend Dheeraj Dave ” My Pain My Property”  nominating me for this challenge , it is an honor and I do read a lot of this as pearls of wisdom……Do visit his site for awesome poetry.

This may sound instructional and a bit too long for a quote……yet I loved these words of Bob Marley .

You may not be her first , her last or her only. She loved before and she may love again. But if she loves you you now, what else matters ? She is not perfect -you aren't either and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh cause you to think twice and admit to being human and making mistakes hold onto her and give her the most you can . She may not be thinking about you every second of the day but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break -her heart.So don't hurt her,don't change her don't analyze 
don't expect more than she can give, smile when she makes you happy let her know when she makes you mad and miss her when she is not there. 


Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley , OM was a Jamaican singer -song writer , musician and guitarist who achieved great fame and success blending mostly reggae, ska and rocksteady in his compositions.

My nominations are

Written therapy


Anshika sharma.




2nd Sunshine blogger award and first Lovely blogger award – By “My Pain My Property”

Thank you Dheeraj  Dave nominating me for these awards !

I always loved “Hindi” as a language, read Gulzar, Premchand, etc. But felt I was not good at it, though I did take Sanskrit exams and Devnagari script is common. Dheeeraj’s poems I liked instantly and translated to English , it has been a pleasure knowing such a young poet , so full of creativity ! Please visit his blog “My pain My property”


The questions asked by my youngest friend

1.Which is the Fvrt post of yours at my blog..”Blank date” , the one that caught my eyes in an instant and so as to understand it fully I translated it into English….:-)

2.Your Fvrt food- I am not a foodie , I fast on Ekadashi , Sankashti and Shivratri.. Yoghurt is my favourite food with anything . I am a  vegetarian.

3.Fvrt city- Mysore

4.Name of the bollywood star whom you want to meet once…None. Not interested in those types of stars.

5.3 most Spcl fact of yours..1)I work with survivors of child abuse , it is my dream that no child should suffer abuse by adults. I would like to build shelters for children abused or neglected by their families, in every city of India. 2) I am good at bringing out the best in every person , hence am good company 3) I get extremely angry when I see injustice anywhere and have this nasty habit of wanting an apology from those who wrong another , since I think unless they apologize they will repeat that mistake.

6.Fvrt book – Complete works of Pablo Neruda. I can read his poetry repeatedly .
7.your best body feature – My eyes and my smile
8.your bad habit- I hurt myself when someone hurts me , instead of hurting them back.
9.A is silent.   It is for him to guess. Though he may not be reading this….:-)

Now for my nine questions

  1. What is your philosophy in life ?
  2. Which is your favorite song ?
  3. Why do you blog ?
  4. What is your best childhood memory ?
  5. What according to you defines a friend ?
  6. What is most attractive aspect of a man / woman ?
  7. Which was the first poem that you wrote ? Two lines from it , if you can remember and what inspired you to write it ?
  8. Is there a happiest moment in your life ? If it is not too private , can you share it ?
  9. Which is your favorite festival ? And how do you like to celebrate it ?

The bloggers I nominate for the award

1.  kratz world

2. kumar rahul blog

3. she is in prison

4. perkmeupnwa’s blog

5. Short poems and other nonsense

6.  unsaid words


8. The Bard

9. Anita Lubesh