Jnanesh came to the seats in which Madhu and AD were seated, “We saw the rushes, AD you look great man, you will be remembered” Madhu just looked down, which is what she always did when Jnanesh was around. Eye was the opening of the mind; she wanted to close as many eyes as possible when this man was around. Since she did not bother to be interested about how she looked he said“Madhu, we have found a dubbing artist with a voice exactly like yours, it will sound real” Madhu managed a neutral smile. Varadraj had often complimented Madhu’s fluent Kannada, impeccable dialogue delivery, a clear voice, Jnanesh did not want to show case that talent, as she remained “Eureka”. Her disguise, her antithesis was mute.Nisha walked in from somewhere and sat next to him “ Dad,what did you tell, Madhu aunty, she should sing for your film, she sang such a melodious lullaby for me you know?” Jnanesh was flustered, now he looked down.

Madhu corrected“That was because you were sleepy, when we are hungry all food looks tasty, when we are sleepy even lectures in a class sound like lullaby” AD and his friends laughed, the moment of confrontation was over.